I’m not entirely sure where Monday’s post went, and unfortunately right now I’m not able to repost it! However, I will show you today’s ‘throw-back’ picture as scheduled: Chuff.


There hasn’t been a portrait yet that wasn’t so complicated as Chuff’s! All those curls, more than either of the two spaniels, were a bit hard for me to get my mind around, repeatedly I redid them, thinking there was something I was doing wrong because they didn’t look right. Eventually I just decided to carry on regardless, as some curls were better than none, and low and behold they actually came out really well! Sometimes you just have to stop thinking and start doing!

This portrait was to be printed as a gift for someone’s husband for Christmas, and I got a lovely email, along with a photograph of the final print (and the real Chuff in the corner!)


I hope he approves.


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